Puzzle games in 'Maze' category:

Track the Ball - Track the Ball is a sliding puzzle game featuring 28 levels with multiple achievements to collect and a level editor to create mazes and share them with players from all around the world!

Track the Ball

2mazed - Navigate the two mirror-like moving characters through the maze and take them to the portal simultaneously. Avoid traps and enemies, pick up bonuses and don’t forget to keep an eye on the time!


Bogolouss - Simple puzzle platformer where you have to gather all the stars while trying to control different characters with different gravity directions.


Fireboy And Wategirl 3 - The FireBoy and WaterGirl is going to have a new adventure! This time they face more difficult challenge.
They need to walk across the dangerous fire pools and ice pools. Meanwhile, they also need to deal with some interesting trick to complete a level. After completing all the main levels, the other difficult levels will be unlocked. Well, are you ready ? Let’s go.

Fireboy And Wategirl 3

Beautiful Farm - Guide little Sheeps out of farm.

Beautiful Farm

Bananers! - Save Monkey Kingdom in this puzzling game of logic packed with 16 levels, a level editor, and awards!


Oliver and the Basilisks - The wizard\'s apprentice, Oliver, has gotten himself in a predicament! Use spells and clever strategy to clear each level of basilisks!
Your performance will earn you new spells and added charges for the wand. Performing efficiently in the low levels allows Oliver to stock up on magic and survive longer.

Oliver and the Basilisks

Bob the thief 2: the kort fnox - find the fastest way to get all the gold and quit. upgraded level and challenge!

Bob the thief 2: the kort fnox

Megapolis Traffic - You're a courier in the big city. You have to deliver an important goods from point A to point B on city buses. Do it faster to get points. Use GPS navigator to see your location and destination point.

Megapolis Traffic

Happy Fun Balloon Time - Bust all balloons in the right order by stepping on them. Get through all 35 levels.

Happy Fun Balloon Time

Blockage - Carefully position colored blocks in this brain-melting original puzzle platformer.


Magic Seeds - Plant the seeds as fast as you can on the right fields and try to unlock all the achievements in 20 levels.

Magic Seeds

Dr. Sweetvalley and the Broken Time Machine - Dr. Sweetvalley was performing a test run with his time machine. He ended up crashing the time machine and now he is trapped in the space time continuum. 

The situation seems desperate, but not all hope is lost. Dr. Sweetvalley managed to put together a small probe from the wreckage parts he can use to salvage all the lost time machine parts. 

Your job is to guide the probe and find the time machine parts scattered around numerous levels.

Good luck!

Dr. Sweetvalley and the Broken Time Machine

Puru Puru Digger - Play this cute unique puzzle game with Puru Puru.
Collect as many treasure chest and gold coin.
With 20 level total in game progression.

Puru Puru Digger

Puzzle Fortress - Puzzle Fortress is an action-puzzle/maze game.  Murakan aliens have kidnapped an important senator of the Galactic Congress.  You must infiltrate the aptly named Puzzle Fortress, rescue the dignitary, and destroy the fortress.

Puzzle Fortress

Coconudge - Coconut harvesters have taken you from your homeland.
Roll your coconut back home through a series of fun and challenging levels.


Cannon Challenge - Place cannons to guide the cannon ball safely to the goal. Can you beat the challenge?

Cannon Challenge

Kiz - Crystal Maze - Crystal Maze is a Puzzle Game where you guide a Red Crystal through the caves of Crater Park in an attempt to cleanse it with the Cleansing Portal so that it may be used in KizPlanet!

Kiz – Crystal Maze

Monkey Metric - A family of monkeys are threatened by an erupting volcano, when the bravest of them sets forth to stop it in this isometric puzzle game.

Monkey Metric

Castle Escape - Five great zones to test your skills at. You need to use get all the blocks to there corresponding exit points, sounds easy.

Castle Escape

Rebuild Chile - Help the children from chile affected by the earthquake/tsunami by playing this game. All the funds will go to Unicef Chile.

Rebuild Chile

Atomix - The object of the game is to assemble molecules from compound atoms by sliding the atoms around. This has to be done in a set time limit for each level. The screen contains a small preview window showing what each molecule should look like. The tile-based playing field contains a number of atom blocks, as well as walls. You can move an atom around by selecting it, and moving it up, down, left, or right.


Take Me Home - Help the arrow find the green block! Use your keyboard to control the arrow, if you go wrong press

Take Me Home

Flipping Fantastic! - Flip and spin on pegs with your wand through the field of obstacles. Object of the game is to arrive safely to the goal peg and gain as many bonus points within the time given. There are 25 levels with 3 different modes of difficulty Easy, Normal and Hard. It would just be Flipping Fantastic if you could beat all the levels and get the highest score possible

Flipping Fantastic!

UndertheRadar - Can you avoid Guards, Cameras, Laser Beams to reach your goal?


Easter Path - It's Easter Time! Let's distribute some eggs, but following the right path :-).

Easter Path

Pathillogical - A sliding puzzle game with 40 great levels and an editor to make your own


isoball 2 - Sequel to the highly popular puzzle game, Isoball 2 brings in 50 brand new levels of puzzling mayhem, 10 sandboxes, a shiny new skin, and some very nifty new pieces to make things more interesting.

- Use conveyors to make the ball go up into really high places.
- Timing is everything when you are working with the elusive phase bridges
- Think outside the box and utilize portals to teleport the ball to distant locations.

isoball 2

Crazy Drop - Move ball to purple finish hole

Crazy Drop

Aubital - Aubital is a mysterious physics-based puzzle game. A lonely robot has been freed from slavery by a mysterious friend. Explore the dark to escape and discover what terrible deeds his captors have perpetrated


Cubor - Fun 3d puzzle game, roll your cubes to success and glory!


Arrow Frenzy - Put the ball to black whole

Arrow Frenzy

Amazing Latte Art - It's amazing how artists can draw fascinating pictures using milk on a cup of coffee. Guess what! You can do it, too! Connect the dots by sequence in due time and a beautiful picuture would appear in your coffee cup! Sounds interesting? Play this fun game and enjoy your Latte art!

Amazing Latte Art

TILTIT - This is a fast moving game. Use your mouse to move the ball, you can run into the side of the walls but as you get more advanced in the game you must watch out for traps and holes!


FarmBee - You are farmBee, and you're in charge of helping the farmer keep his crops of beautiful flowers safe from the nasty stinkbugs.