Bricks Breaking Hex

Bricks Breaking Hex puzzle description:

In this game there will be a grid of hexagonal bricks and you need to destroy them. You can destroy a brick simply by clicking on it. Each time you destroy a brick, the adjacent bricks of the same colour will also be destroyed. If there aren't any adjacent bricks of the same colour, then you can only destroy that single brick and you will lose a star. If you run out of stars then you will no longer be able to remove single bricks. If there are only single bricks left and you have used all your stars, then the game is over. You can score higher if you can remove a large number of bricks at one time.

Bricks Breaking Hex instructions:

Look for instructions of the Bricks Breaking Hex inside the game.

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  1. Lorna Says:

    Relaxing in a fun sort of way

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