Puzzle games in 'Click' category:

Diamonds Jungle - Remove the groups of the gems by clicking on them. Do not allow gem columns to grow to top of the board.

Diamonds Jungle

Candy Catastrophe - Collect candies on the board to score more points.

Candy Catastrophe

Pop Pies - Eat all that tasty pies.

Pop Pies



Mushrooms Blast - Fun and colorful mushrooms clicking game.

Mushrooms Blast

Monsters Blast - Colorful Monsters Game

Monsters Blast

Billions Of Baubles - Pop those Christmas balls to get lots of presents! Remove 3 or more connecting baubles of the same color in this physics based collapse game. Pop bigger groups to get power-ups and bonuses. But do it quickly, time is very limited!

Billions Of Baubles

Blocks Crusher - A little action-puzzle-game where you have to click as fast and as many combos as possible. You have only 60 Seconds!

Blocks Crusher

Flood Zone Duel - Fill the board with one color by swapping the tile colors. Play against the computer or another player! Play strategically and smart to complete the board before your opponent!

Flood Zone Duel

Candy World - Click on groups of two or more candies to remove them.

Candy World

Balloontastic - Colorful balloons are floating up. Also check out the endless Kids mode which is very suitable for the younger player. Popping balloons has never been more fun!


Gemwars - Gemwars is a great combination of popular block collapsing genre and turn based strategy game in which you are playing against computer in 40 levels of increasing difficulty! Hours of challenging and addicting gameplay guaranteed!

* hours of addicting and original gameplay
* 40 levels of increasing difficulty + extra survival levels
* 9 spells + other upgrades
* growing intelligence of the computer - after the first introducing


Careless Thief - If you enjoy playing arcade puzzle games, then this game is one that you might well like! Find the code to the bank safe, and pass all 20 skill levels. Be careful because in case the attempt is unsuccessful the handcuffs will be snapped on thief's wrists. The goal of the game is to clear the playing board from the precious bars. Click at three or more bars of the same color to delete them.

Careless Thief

Leaves Falling - Remove all blocks by clicking on groups of the same colour. Use bombs to destroy surrounding blocks. Avoid removing single blocks, or you'll get damaged. Try to find prize sets of bricks to gain extra points.

Leaves Falling

Jeweltasia - Welcome to Jeweltasia, a world of physics and magic! Match groups of 3 or more nearby jewels, and complete 50 levels of varying challenges. The wizard will give you some much needed power-ups along the way in this gravitational collapse game!


Cube Crush - Compete with your friends in this classic game.
Your goal is to clear the board by clicking groups of three or more cubes. Groups are connected cubes of the same color. The more cubes you can crush with one click, the higher your score will be. Each level the required amount of cubes, you need to crush, to reach the next level will increase. 
Have fun!

Cube Crush

Balloon Twist - Balloon Twist is a challenging collapse style match 3 game! Rotate the field to group the
rising balloons, and pop 3 or more of the same color. Form larger groups to get special
balloons! You can play freely in the standard mode, against the clock, or in obstructions
mode where balloons get blocked by obstacles. Popping balloons has never been more fun!

Balloon Twist

Toesamoe - Earn as many scores as you can by removing groups of the same colored blocks.
The group can be removed if it contains three blocks at least.


Bears Love Cakes - Help to feed the hungry bear by finding as greatest combinations of cakes as possible.

Bears Love Cakes

Unfreeze Penguins - Happy penguins were playing around but suddenly monsters appeared and froze them all. Unfreeze them and set them free!

Unfreeze Penguins

Magno - Keep ahead of the machine and control chain lightning mayhem in this physics based bubble matcher puzzle game.


The Holy Ankh - Egyptian themed collapse puzzle. Match the ankhs in 2 minutes. Click groups of 3 or more same colored blocks to fill the bonus meter, and earns ankhs. But beware and don't click the wrong blocks!

The Holy Ankh

Hexer - Hexer is a fast paced hexagon base puzzle game. Rotate the hexagons in the grid to match up hexagons of the same color. Press on combinations of four or more to destroy them. Larger combinations mean more points. 
You have 90 seconds to collect as many points as possible.


Bloweee - A mind-blowing colourful puzzle. Bloweees are very explosive, think hard and blow up longest chains to multiply your points and prevent reactor explosion.


Blockapica - Click on any group of two or more identical pieces to remove them.
Try to clear whole board.
Each unmatched piece at end of the level will take hit point. Game over when no more hit points left.
For each 50'000 score points you will get 12 hit points.
This puzzle game is similar to the classic puzzle 'Same' but have a bit more lenient rules.


3d Block Burst - A classic puzzle game in 3D. Click on 2 or more blocks to break them. Break only one block and you lose health. Clear the entire board to win the level. Get big combos to score bonus points.

3d Block Burst

Cute Blocks - Sweet blocks-removing game.

Cute Blocks

Christmas Collapse - Solve Christmas puzzles destroying the blocks of the same color to collapse the rest of them.

Christmas Collapse

Pinch Old Santa - It's Christmas eve, and when looking outside you can see Santa running over the rooftops. You want a lot of presents this year, so you decide to Pinch Old Santa, and nick some of his presents! Pinch Old Santa is a frantic clicking game that will test your reflexes. Simple, but strangely addicting!

Pinch Old Santa

Galaxy Blocks - Clear each level by breaking clusters of blocks. Breaking large clusters gives bonus points, but breaking tiny clusters costs you health. Try to make it through each level without losing any health.

Galaxy Blocks

Wrong Block - Try the new way to play match-3 puzzles - we've rejected a classic model where you have to swap pieces and have created the new one with a single click!

Wrong Block

Cascadia Elements - Match three or more elemental orbs as you cascade your way to regain the balance within the elements.

Cascadia Elements

GemClix Blitz+ - GemClix Blitz+ from MunsieGames. Fast action arcade style Gem matching game. This version of the popular GemClix game is faster than ever!

GemClix Blitz+

Rockoblox 2 - Rockoblox is back! Enjoy this classic match-3 puzzle with revised gameplay.

Rockoblox 2

Zodiac Starz - Become the Zodiac master in this fast and fun collapse-style game. Collect the stars and complete the twelve astrological signs!

Zodiac Starz