Puzzle games in 'Connect' category:

Rebound - Place the fences to drive the fluffy ball through obstacles to the exit.


Elementris - Connect atoms to build molecules.


Orbital - Collect spheres of the same color as yours and don't touch spheres with other colors.


Double Twelve - Remove a pair of the dominos when sum of values is 24.

Double Twelve

ConFusebox - Connect all the wires to light up all the lamps.


Mindfields 2204

Mindfields 2204



Dot-a-Pix Vol 1 - Connect the dots to draw a picture.

Dot-a-Pix Vol 1

minim - Minimize your way by joining atoms together until you have none left.


Cute Kitty Matching - Cute Kitty Matching ,a lovely and fun game.find the twins kitty before the time's up.come on!

Cute Kitty Matching

Hunkpapa Sliding Mahjong - Beautiful slide mahjong game with excellent graphics with Indian theme. Eliminate all symbols by sliding them in a desired direction so it creates a combination with one or more identical neighboring pieces. Once all of them are cleared you can advance to the next stage.

Hunkpapa Sliding Mahjong

Sweet Cupcakes - Match 3 or more CUPCAKES to clear them and match delicious combinations!

Sweet Cupcakes

Dungeons and Puzzles - This time your master has gone too far. The attack on the kings castle has faild and now the 
army of the king is approaching your dungeon. Soon the battle is raging everywhere. 
As the king and his Paladins finally have found you and your master they immeditally start attacking your master. 
You take the chance and tranform into a spider and hide in the darkness. As your master falls to the ground 
you know this is your great chance! Defeat the king and the Heroes of Light in the puzzle rpg mix!

Dungeons and Puzzles

Hexa Drop - Connect tiles of the same color!

Hexa Drop

Gemlink Bomb Edition - The popular gem linking game just got harder! With grid sizes ranging from 8x8 to 12x12, and a bomb ready to explode when you take to long, you'll have a real challenge on your hands! 

Also new is the Race The Clock mode, where you try to complete as many levels as possible before time runs out. The game also features a level editor that allows you to create your own levels. Even better, you can share your levels with your friends on facebook! They will have your level available in their Imported Levels section after clicking your link. Infinite fun!

Gemlink Bomb Edition

Lucky Toy Pop - Connect groups of the same lucky toys in this frantic mix of collapse and connect mahjong! Your time is limited, so use the available power-ups wisely!

Lucky Toy Pop

Blocks Cleaner - Logic game with simple mechanics.

Blocks Cleaner

Summer Jewels - Match 3 or more JEWELS to clear them and help the shark to get a treasure!

Summer Jewels

NoteMatch - Connect more than three of the same figure. Use the bonus to get more scores or extra time.


Blobs Of Zen - Restore perfect Harmony! Puzzle your way through 16 always refreshed levels. Enjoy, Dr. Arend Hintze

Blobs Of Zen

Folder Mania - The Folders have gone Mad. Your mission is to catch as many folders as you can. You need to get at least 3 
adjacent folders of the same color to collect them. At start you can only reach 3 folders. Level up and increase your 
range or buy extra time. You have to be fast as the clock is working against you. There are bonus 
clocks available in Game. You can match the clocks with each color. Are you skilled enough to defeat the folders in 
this nice free puzzle game.

Folder Mania

Christmas - Connect Christmas symbols of the same kind  to disappear them. Do these as fast as you can.


Christmas Connect - Colorful Mahjong Connect game for Christmas.

Christmas Connect

Christmas Link - Santa Claus brings many gifts for Christmas. Are you ready to celebrate? OK, Christmas bells, candy canes, snowman, socks, Christmas tree, these cute cards are  challenging you. Make full use of your matching skill, come on. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Link

Pipe It 3 The Madpet Edition - The best part of Pipe It games, created specially for kids! 10 levels of increasing difficulty and 10 Madpet animals included!

Pipe It 3 The Madpet Edition

Farm Roads Lite - Connect the farming community by linking all the isolated roads in order to join the paddocks, plantations, windmills, farm houses and barns. This will ensure that farming life is far more productive and efficient!

Farm Roads Lite

Flower Rescue - The flowers in the garden are suffered from drought. Please rescue them by connecting the hoses and water them as quickly as possible. Come on and join the fun flower rescue plan! Enjoy!

Flower Rescue

Steam And Brass - Complete the pipe system from the top to the bottom of the screen, before the time runs out. You get points for each pipe connected  to the system.

Steam And Brass

Icosien - Redraw the pattern in one mouse move.


fruit puyo - The new version of the match two puzzle game. Match the fruits on the screen. If you are quick, you'll get the cool combos. This is very exciting. All right, let's go!

fruit puyo

Summer Match - By clicking on the cards with your mouse, try to match all of the pairs in as few moves as possible!

Summer Match

LianLianKan - Try to link picture which there have same image. Path can only turn twice. have fun! no time limit, when you finish game you can share your time used to leaderboard.


Pea Princess - Play fun puzzle games for girls with pea princess.

Pea Princess

Superings - It is raining rings, but who's going to clear up the mess?


Stoblobs - Find two similar pieces, click them to remove from the board. Clear all pieces to level up.