Puzzle games in 'Word' category:

Math mountain - Use your math skills to climb to the top of the mountain.

Math mountain

Clockz - Find the right image of a clock which matches the time shown.


Alphabet Jungle - You will be given six letters from which you have to spell words. You must spell as many words as you can in the given time so you aren't boiled in the pot.

Alphabet Jungle

Word Attack - Make words, score points, get smarter.

Word Attack

MousePop - Hangman like game, but have the mice in a balloon.
Adventure Mode
Two player mode.


RapidMath - Do you know how fast to count? Really? Prove it?


The Amazing Puzzle Factory - The Amazing Puzzle Factory is the one stop place to fulfil all your Wordsearch, Sudoku, Crossword and Kriss Kross needs.

The Amazing Puzzle Factory

Ghost - Ghost: a word game about avoiding the inevitable end.
Can you help free a ghost, trapped in this world? Or will you fail and become a ghost yourself.


Word Builder Pro - Sequel to the hit game Word Builder!  Place letters on the grid to build words.  The more words you can create with each letter, the more points you earn!  Plan your moves carefully to take advantage of the new Bonus Tiles for even higher scores!

Word Builder Pro

WordStone - WordStone is a unique and original word game where you must grab, swap and place tiles to form words before the grid crashes down on you.


Word Drop 2 - Sequel to the smash hit Word Drop!  Form words by clicking the tiles.  As words are eliminated remaining tiles fall into a new order, forming different words!  Eliminate rows to get score multiples and win big!

Word Drop 2

TetWord PRO - The game is similar to Tetris and TetWord.
There are 4 modes in the game: easy tetword, hard tetword, Not Latter(easy), Not Latter(hard).

TetWord PRO

Operation - Operation is a simple mathematics game in which you need to use basic mathematical operations.


Word Builder - Build words by dropping tiles onto the grid.  Get better scores with larger words, and go for combos to score the highest!

Word Builder

Lateral - The Word Association Game - Use lateral thinking to guess connected words and phrases.  Earn stars to unlock more levels.

Lateral – The Word Association Game

Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon - magine you are this turkey. If you are lucky enough to complete these word puzzles, you will not be cooked! Sound crazy huh? One tip: all the words and phrases are about the special food for Thanksgiving's Day. Try to solve all the puzzles and save yourself from being a big course on the Thanksgiving table!

Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon

Fishious - Use quick reflexes to create the correct words in time to win!


Dora division puzzle - Solve math questions to reveal the puzzle picture.

Dora division puzzle

WordVentures - A fast paced word adventure. Kidnapped by pirates, you have joined the pirate crew as a slave, to fight against monsters that guard great treasures. Slay the monsters by forming words out of them and rise through the pirate ranks.


WordX - Place words on the grid and match as many letters as possible ! Play


Letter Twist - Letter Twist is a fast-paced word game in which you try to unscramble words by swapping letters.

Letter Twist

Patchword - Patchword is a word game that involves creating words with pictures and letters. The player sews a quilt of words with various patches. Each word is worth points depending on word length, patches used and multipliers.


Clockwords: Prelude - Clockwords is a hectic word game set in Victorian London.  You are a genius inventor who discovers plans for a mysterious machine that runs on the power of language.  Then your lab is infiltrated by mechanical bugs that have come to steal your secrets!  You must think and type quickly to fend off the invaders.

Clockwords: Prelude

Slidoword - Slide letter tiles across the board to make words. Once a word is made it is locked in place, so plan carefully, you may just lock out that letter you needed! Play in normal mode or for a quick game play puzzle mode. Double Click any of the background floating words for a definition!


Snakes 'n' Letters - Save Hammy from the marauding snakes in this fun word puzzler!

Make words to damage the snakes before they reach the fat, tasty Hamster!

Snakes ‘n’ Letters

TypoJuggle - TypoJuggle is a simple, fun and unique action word game. Juggle the falling keys until you can fill in the blank letters.


Snow Words - Hi, I'm Zil. I live in fantasy world. I like to imagine my own world...
It always make me happy. 
And this is.. one of my fantasy dream, Snow Words.

Snow Words

Logia - Form words as fast as you can before the letters reach the top!


Wordsjong FreeStyle - Learn to play REAL Mahjong with WordsJong. Ideal for learning English and Mahjong or just have some serious fun. In Wordsjong, Instead of CHI, CHOW (eat) 1,2,3 or 2,3,4 type of numbered sequence tiles, you now have to CHI food name (cod, bun, etc). Triplet is any 3 tiles of a kind PENG set or a CHI set.

Further, free style, means that you are not resitrcted to the popular 3 Fan rule. You will be able to win in any way as long as it is a winning pattern. Of course, score still varies. depending on your hand.

Updated 3 Beginner rounds and money scoring system like real mahjong. 

For full instructions, please visit http://www.itsmahjong.com for a good explaination of the Wordjong game.

Wordsjong FreeStyle

Trains'n'Letters - You are controlling cannon that fires moving trains with letter cannonballs. Trains are carrying incomplete words and you should complete them firing missing letters between train coaches.


Sliding Words - Form words! Move letters by sliding rows and columns and form one of the words in the dictionary!

Sliding Words

European Cities - Do you know where the major European cities are?

European Cities

Wubble - What do you get when you put letters in bubbles? You get Wubble!
How many words can you unscramble? Challenge your friends! Burst their bubble with the highest score in the game called Wubble!


Rhymetime - How good are you at rhyming?  You'll be given a series of words, and you have to come up with the best rhyme you can for each.  But don't think this is child's play... can you rhyme with complicated?


FishaWord - A simple yet fun word making game. Try to make it to the other side of the bridge before the time runs out. Use letters floating in the water to make the correct words on the bridge. This game can make you a better scrabble player.