Puzzle games in 'Board' category:

Soluku - Fill 9x9 grid so that each row and each column and each of the nine 3x3 boxes contains the digits from 1 up to 9 only once in each cell.


Mahjong-Animal-Connect - Classic mahjong puzzle game. Select board layout and solve it.


Simple Picross - Fill the cells using your logic skills.

Simple Picross

Double Twelve - Remove a pair of the dominos when sum of values is 24.

Double Twelve

Shi Sen - Remove pairs of tiles from the field.
Pair can be removed only if it connected with three or fewer lines.

Shi Sen

The Mahjong - Complete all levels removing tiles.

The Mahjong

Picma Squared - Open the hidden images using your logic.

Picma Squared

Armor Picross 2 - Follow clues to open pixel pictures.
Numbers to the left of the grid relate to the tiles in that row and the numbers above relate to the tiles in that column. 
The numbers indicates how many filled-in squares there are in that row or column.

Armor Picross 2

NoNoSparks: The Ark - Flood is coming. The goal of the game is to create and board ark before the Flood is coming by solving a series of nonogram puzzles.

NoNoSparks: The Ark

Pixelo - Pixelo is a logic puzzle commonly known as picross or pic-a-pix.
Your goal is to fill out pixels on given clues.


Picma - Mark tiles to draw a picture to solve logical nonogram puzzle.


NoNoSparks: Genesis - Now is genesis time. The goal is to create a complete world step by step through solving logical nonograms puzzles.

NoNoSparks: Genesis

Armor Picross - You have to solve logic puzzles in which the cells must be marked according to the numbers at the sides of the grid. These numbers means how many lines of filled cells there are in given row or column.

Armor Picross

Picross Madness - Japanese crosswords style game. Picture logic puzzles (picross).
620 levels
small, medium and big sizes of levels
mark tool

Picross Madness

Mexican Train Dominoes Gold - Slam down those dominoes and outwit your opponents in this fun, slick version of Mexican Train Dominoes. This game features multiple game lengths, 3 or 4 player modes and a variety of themes.

Mexican Train Dominoes Gold

Chipoches - Move the colored chips to match the requested pattern. Solve all six levels of this challenging puzzle board game!


Fill Zone Duo - Fill the board with one color by swapping the tile colors, before your opponent does. You can play this challenging virus-like game against the AI or the best players of the world!
Choose between the new duo mode or the classic single player mode, with or without blocker tiles.

Fill Zone Duo

Globs: Path of the Guru - Globs is a simple and addicting game where you match the colors of the globs to make them merge.  Try the new Puzzle mode and see if you have what it takes to complete the Path of the Guru.

Globs: Path of the Guru

Fields Of Dreams - Find the treasure faster than a rival.

Fields Of Dreams

P'Cross - P'Cross is a collection of Picross puzzles (also known as Pic-A-Pix, Nonograms, Paint By Numbers, Griddlers...)  Use the clues to fill in the picture!


NIM - Classic pub game played with match sticks.
Simple to play, hard to master. Use some logic and strategy to out-wit the computer.


Falcon Sudoku - Sudoku game, 30 puzzles, 3 difficulty levels

Falcon Sudoku

Eva Star - Eva is a cute manga girl, and she will play with you in this broad game.Just reach her target score for each level , your score carries over from one level to the next.

Eva Star

School Age: Sea Battle - Classic battleships game on 10x10 cells field.
You and the other player (computer) bomb one cell of opponent's plot in turn. Opponent responds by telling you've

School Age: Sea Battle

Squarix - Squarix is a Puzzle game Mix of


Desperate 15 - It's just classic 15 puzzle. Graphic style inspired by westerns and

Desperate 15

Squidoku - Test your brainpower with the latest and greatest logic puzzle from Crystal Squid Games!

All you have to do is place the 9 numbers, letters, animals or gems in the grid so that there is only one of each in a single row, column, or 3x3 'cell'. How hard can that be, eh?

With 3 new puzzles every day, and great features & graphics this game doesn't just tease the brain, it shows it who's the boss!


Christmas Sudoku - Sudoku with Christmas symbols instead of numbers. Including a level for kids.

Christmas Sudoku

Grid Games - Four Grid Games from the WeirdBeard Incubator Program. Four variations on a known concept. Vote which variation you like best!

The WeirdBeard Incubator Program helps starting developers create new games.

Grid Games

Ultimate Peg Solitary! - Test your brain power by solving these complex but fun puzzles!

Ultimate Peg Solitary!

Sudokoban - Sudokoban brings brain-busting sudoku puzzles and classic block moving games together into something special.


Morabaraba - Morabaraba (Umlabalaba, Twelve Men's Morris) is a traditional African strategy board game for two players. Although it is very easy to learn, even young children quickly master the rules. Morabaraba has the depth to provide a real mental challenge, and will stimulate strategic thinking.


Peg Solitaire - Peg solitaire is a board game for one player involving movement of pegs on a board with holes.

Peg Solitaire

Halloween Picdoku - Halloween Picdoku is a classical sudoku game, which has pictures instead of numbers.

Halloween Picdoku

Wall - In this classic game your objective is to form a square by strategically placing lines in random or strategic order. You will be playing against (Artificial Intelligence) AI. So be careful as it can easily trick you. Good Luck