Puzzle games in 'Logic' category:

Colorz - Challenge your attention in this game.


Math mountain - Use your math skills to climb to the top of the mountain.

Math mountain

Cool Balls - Your aim is remove all the balls from the board in this logical puzzle.

Cool Balls

Link Five - Be the first to link five buttons in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal).

Link Five

Zeba - Move dragon around. Collect power spells and shoot to clear the board.


Blue - Toggle off all the tiles on the board.


Happy Bubbles - Turn all red bubbles into blue bubbles.

Happy Bubbles

Elementris - Connect atoms to build molecules.


Timebot - To complete the level you have to collect all of the gears on the level.


Fields Of Logic - Use your logic skills to solve puzzles.

Fields Of Logic

Jelly Blocks - Connect all the pieces of the same color together.

Jelly Blocks

Voracity - Consume as many squares as you can.
Move red dot by numbers in adjacent cells.


ClickDragType3 - Use your brain to solve puzzles.


Blinkin - Turn all the lights off. Use your logic skills to complete the puzzle.


Straight Dice - Match three dices in a row in ascending order.

Straight Dice

Zombie Kitten Attack - Help Steve to survive.

Zombie Kitten Attack

ChessCards - The ChessCards is nice puzzle game :) Try it.


Picma Squared - Open the hidden images using your logic.

Picma Squared

Concentric Holic - Match the squares up next to each other to match them next to squares of the same color. You should remove all the squares.

Concentric Holic

Armor Picross 2 - Follow clues to open pixel pictures.
Numbers to the left of the grid relate to the tiles in that row and the numbers above relate to the tiles in that column. 
The numbers indicates how many filled-in squares there are in that row or column.

Armor Picross 2

BoxUp Puzzle - Puzzle game similar to traditional Sokoban.
All the boxes are hollow and open on one side. They can only be moved by pushing from the inside.
The aim is to push the small red box inside the blue box.
Black boxes may help or hinder your progress.

BoxUp Puzzle

NoNoSparks: The Ark - Flood is coming. The goal of the game is to create and board ark before the Flood is coming by solving a series of nonogram puzzles.

NoNoSparks: The Ark

Pixelo - Pixelo is a logic puzzle commonly known as picross or pic-a-pix.
Your goal is to fill out pixels on given clues.


D-Blocks 2 - Remove all the blocks in certain moves.

D-Blocks 2

Colorize - Solve puzzles to fill field with only one color. There can be only one.


SIRTET - Place as many shapes on field as you can.


Picma - Mark tiles to draw a picture to solve logical nonogram puzzle.


Sum Tracks - Drag the squares through sequence of round tiles to decrease their values to zero.

Sum Tracks

Spirits of Elduurn - Help the light and dark spirits solve puzzles and defeat all demons! Help them to make a new home.

Spirits of Elduurn

minim - Minimize your way by joining atoms together until you have none left.


NoNoSparks: Genesis - Now is genesis time. The goal is to create a complete world step by step through solving logical nonograms puzzles.

NoNoSparks: Genesis

Quantum Of Light - Navigate quantum of lights to the crystal. Rotate tiles to navigate the photon flow properly.

Quantum Of Light

Flood Fill - Fill each of the piece of the puzzle with one of the available colors. Don’t let pieces of the same color touch.

Flood Fill

Invert Selection - Fill area by selecting, subtracting and inverting game field tiles.

Invert Selection

Starlight - Rotate stars to obtain a silhouette.