Puzzle games in 'Maze' category:

Angular Momentum - Drive the ball to the finish on each level. Avoid obstacles and take into account the physics.

Angular Momentum

Xmas Corner - Help to Santa catch all the presents in the maze.

Xmas Corner

Unger - Move the square to the exit.


100% Complete - Find all hidden things to complete the game.

100% Complete

Gravity Den - Navigate the tiny, blue creature through all frenzy levels to the exit. Change the gravity. Collect stars and get rewards.

Gravity Den

The Sun for the Vampire - Help Vampire to see the Sun. Transform into the bat, push the boxes and switch buttons. Collect keys to open doors.

The Sun for the Vampire

A Kitty Dream - Go on a fun adventure in a pixelated puzzle platformer! Explore the vast expanse of the dream world within dreams.

A Kitty Dream

LOCOM - Help a plumber to get out of the dark sewer. Witness the power of water.


Bazooka Boy 2 - Part 2 of The Bazooka Boy game.
Use the bazooka to destroy blocks.
Solve some puzzles to get all of the golden blocks!

Bazooka Boy 2

Robo Trobo - Help the Robo to solve puzzles.

Robo Trobo

Bazooka Boy: Level Pack - Level Pack of The Bazooka Boy.
Use the bazooka to destroy blocks.
Solve some puzzles to get all of the golden blocks!

Bazooka Boy: Level Pack

Spirits of Elduurn - Help the light and dark spirits solve puzzles and defeat all demons! Help them to make a new home.

Spirits of Elduurn

Bazooka Boy - Use your bazooka to destroy blocks. Solve puzzles to get all of that flashy gold!

Bazooka Boy

Quantum Of Light - Navigate quantum of lights to the crystal. Rotate tiles to navigate the photon flow properly.

Quantum Of Light

Time Swap - Challenging puzzle platformer. You have to help a boy to save his father. Lead him through a mysterious plases. Much fun!

Time Swap

Botiada - Connect all the bots and place them on energy cells to finish the level.


The Valley Rule - You are stuck beneath the surface. Try to find a way out with giant door blocking your path. Exploration platformer game.

The Valley Rule

Jim Loves Mary 2 - You probably remember Jim and Mary’ story, don’t you? The two lovers who had to go against all odds and solve all kinds of riddles to meet? Now you have a chance to play the continuation of this story and help Jim and Mary stand up to their next challenge – a mysterious forest full of wild animals and treacherous traps!The game can be played by 2 players on one keyboard.

Jim Loves Mary 2

The Telekinetic Incident - In The Telekinetic Incident you'll have to figure out creative ways to utilize and combine your Telekinetic Powers to progress. You play as a clone of Sarah Walker, a college student with an extreme sensitivity to the process of mind tickling.

The Telekinetic Incident

Hunkpapa Sliding Mahjong - Beautiful slide mahjong game with excellent graphics with Indian theme. Eliminate all symbols by sliding them in a desired direction so it creates a combination with one or more identical neighboring pieces. Once all of them are cleared you can advance to the next stage.

Hunkpapa Sliding Mahjong

10 - 10 is an ADDICTIVE PUZZLE GAME made of numbers.


Super Maze Ball - In this cool maze game your goal is to get the red ball to the finish line which is where the green ball is located. Avoid making contact with the walls as you will explode and restart the level from the beginning. Have fun and don't smash your screen of anger!

Super Maze Ball

Mission Planet X - Planet X is a puzzle game where you have to find the path towards the Planet X. You'll face many obstacles and challenges in your path, but also a lot of fun.

Mission Planet X

Dibbles 3 - The sequel of Dibbles with 44 all-new levels to solve. 
Now they are in the desert and the king has come specially dressed for the occasion, donning a natty Pharaoh outfit! 
- Brand new swamps and Melt command; 
- New Rocks and Clear command; 
- Now features multiple start and finish locations on some levels.

Dibbles 3

Straight to the exit 2 - Control a green monster to the exit door. These maze game presents a little green monster who discovered a secret door which lend him to a secret new world. Green monster going to face dangerous skulls, trap buttons, spikes and many more obstacles in order to go back to his peaceful world.

Straight to the exit 2

Paths - A casual, procedural generated puzzle about getting from A to B.


Slimer - Help Slimer to solve the puzzles to reach his goal.


Mirror Runners - Control two characters at the same time and guide them through various puzzle levels.

Mirror Runners

Pill Spider - Rotate arrow keys and help spider to collect all the pills ! Only when spider has all pills spider can got to goal.

Pill Spider

Rolling Hero 3 - Roll trough the galaxy , unlock achievements, collect credits, unlock bonus levels.

Rolling Hero 3

Gravistation - Gravitation puzzle quest. Guide robot to out of maze in these free online puzzle game.


Poca's Adventure - Pocahontas and her adventure. Enclose all the non-empty areas in a level to advance to the next level.

Poca’s Adventure

Ninja Painter - Help the Ninja to paint the walls in the countryside, in a town and in a megalopolis through 30 levels and try to get all the achievements in this unique online puzzle game!

Ninja Painter

Jorinapeka - Figure out possible path. Then click to start moving and gathering up points.


Sticky Blocks - Can you make it through all 50 levels?  Slide your purple sticky block through increasingly fiendish puzzles in this brain-bending game.  Other blocks stick to yours whether you want them to or not, so you'll have to plan your moves carefully or end up in the middle of a large, unmovable clump of blocks!  Deliver blocks to identically-colored locks to clear up space and pass through to the next level.  50 levels + 8 bonus levels + secret levels!

Sticky Blocks