Puzzle games in 'Stack' category:

Aqua Fish Puzzle - Move the fish by clicking it, 
then click again to the desired area
Match 4 or more to score
either diagonal, vertical or horizontal
Items that will appear as the level go higher.

Aqua Fish Puzzle

Mad Diamond 2 - Description
In the skill puzzle Mad Diamond 2 you are chanlleged to get the highest score. Try to Collect the same diamonds to eliminate and upgrade if your collection reach to a certain number.

Left click to suck in and spacebar to suck out.

Mad Diamond 2

Side Effect 2 - Place colored pieces into the game field to connect center and the colored sides in this new and completely free version of the puzzle game!

Side Effect 2

Mad Diamond - Mad Diamond,a brilliant new matching game with many different challenges: Collect the same diamonds to eliminate and upgrade if your collection reach to a certain number. Enjoy it now~

Mad Diamond

Hop and Pop - Hop and Pop the Easter bunnies are holding their yearly competition to collect as many Easter eggs as possible. Play as Hop in this challenging bubble shooter, and try to defeat Pop by collecting the most eggs before the time runs out! Do this by aiming colored eggs at the giant egg wheel, trying to match 3 of the same color. Don't forget you can hop around, to make the perfect shot!

Hop and Pop

C-Quence - C-Quence is a match game where you build sequences of consecutive numbers.


ToyStackers - Stack toys!


Brilliant Blocks 2 - Don't let the blocks reach the top in this brain busting, block smashing sequel to Brilliant Blocks.

Brilliant Blocks 2

Jungle Drop - Your mission is to find the four magical diamonds. Choose a column, click once to take the diamonds and click again to release the taken diamonds. Make columns of 3. The more diamonds you get, the more points you obtain.

Jungle Drop

Bubble Ball - shis is a good game  Bubble Ball  ,you will like it

Bubble Ball

Ethereal Celenite - Inspired by Lumines, Ethereal Celenite takes the genre up a notch by adding more powerups, faster paced gameplay, and an enhanced scoring system. Ethereal Celenite is an upgraded version of previously viewed Celenite - with many additions!

Ethereal Celenite

XLogical - fill up the spinners with balls of the same color.


Pirate Bubble War - Shoot the bubbles as many as possible before the bubbles are close to your boat.You must reach the required scores to play the next levels.You could see the right red lines.When it fill the purple water,You could play the next level game. Now play the most interested pirate bubble war puzzle game from igirlgames.com.Enjoy it!

Pirate Bubble War

Marble Frenzy - Marble Frenzy is a marble shooter with a wonderful twist: the marbles are on a spinning pinwheel. Knock them all out using power ups in this addicting Games.com bubble popping romp. If you love Bubble Town or Bubble Spinner you are going to love the addicting, fast, fun and frenzied Marble Frenzy. More instructions inside the game.

Marble Frenzy

Heximator - A snatch & match tessellated tile sort of game.   The more tiles you snatch and match the more points you score.


Animal Carousel - Spin animals in a cute game with happy music, make circles of four the same animals through 15 levels.

Animal Carousel

Legor 3 - Legor is back! A third part of popular puzzle logic game! Harder than ever!

Legor 3

Trinhex - Spin and Swap coloured triangular pieces on a hexagonal board to make matches against the clock.


Towerburg - Go forth and start building Towerburg using your keen sense of timing. Stack building blocks one after the other as the crane sways back and forth. The higher you go, the more points you will score, and if you release the block at just the right time, you'll get a stacking bonus! Protect your settlement from threats such as floods, volcanic eruptions and enemy attacks in 30 action-packed levels. With an endless Challenge mode, unlockable achievements, and upbeat medieval music, Towerburg will have you hooked for hours!


Column Breaker - “Column Breaker” is a new twist puzzle game that takes aspects from timeless crowd pleasers such as “Tetris” and “Bejewled” however unlike these games we have worked in a gravity based physics engine that makes the blocks dynamic adding a bouncing jumbling challenge in your race against the clock to clear the board. Think you can beat it in time? Join us in a new, fast pace, highly addicting (and shiny!) adventure in Column Breaker

Column Breaker

Coltris - Match at least three falling blocks of the same color to make them disappear.


orchard Harvest - This is a fun puzzle game. It's harvest season! The orchard is heaped with many types of fruits. Please help to sort them. You should collect enough fruits to proceed to the next level. Watch out the pests!

orchard Harvest

Buzzle - If you like to solve a puzzle, get your mouse and play in Buzzle. Solve 30 puzzles by placing colored parts in a box in accordance with a gray silhouette


BluCat - Help the BluCat by feeding animals to each other in this cute block puzzle action game.


Stack Dream City - This is a fun puzzle game. Stack a complete building according to the  blueprint. The less the time is, the higher your score. Use Hint and  Revove function to improve effectiveness.

Stack Dream City

Bubble Collapse - Beautiful and addicting matching game, with unique game mechanics, different ocean locations, and 30 unique coins to find.
Be sure to try this one out!

Bubble Collapse

Hex-It - A unique style match game where you buy hexagons to make as much money as possible!


Dolphin Ball - Help the dolphin clear all the balls before the octopus reach the island. You can clear the balls by shooting them into groups of 3 or more of the same color. Any balls that are hanging on to what you cleared will also fall.

Dolphin Ball

Balanz - BalanZ is a fun and addictive physics style game where you have to build the highest tower you can!  The game has 15 levels and 3 minigames to unlock. Test your skills with this challenging game!


LINIA - Have you ever dreamed about queen of butterflies imprisoned in her own garden? Make absolutely unique cut-out and solve puzzle game to make your own gallery of her story.


Breeze -


Flowers - Make a vertical, horizontal or slant line from the falling flowers. There are special items that can help you to achieve that.


EmotiPleX - EmotiPleX is a strategic puzzle game consisting of various emoticons, arranged in strategic puzzles. In each challenge, the player must move the pieces around to eliminate matching groups emoticons. Each board must be cleared before proceeding to the next level. There are around 20 levels total. (includes a high-scores table)


Symbol Bust - Symbol Bust is kinda like bingo in that you must fill lines to clear pieces and get the board to turn gold to advance to the next level. The difference is that you must match symbols and colors in this addictive puzzle matching game.

Symbol Bust

TetWord PRO - The game is similar to Tetris and TetWord.
There are 4 modes in the game: easy tetword, hard tetword, Not Latter(easy), Not Latter(hard).

TetWord PRO