Colors in the Sky

Colors in the Sky puzzle description:

Have fun busting the colored blocks and creating giant chain reactions in this innovative new puzzle game. In this puzzle game, you click the objects to make them explode. Explosions will be colored according to the object, and will trigger nearby objects to explode as well. The game consists of four types of objects: blocks, bombs, lasers, and nukes. Each of which is used in a different way. The object of the game is to create large chain reactions of explosions and clear away the levels as quickly as you can. You must continue to get large combos to keep your combo meter up, because when the combo meter drops to zero the game is over.

Colors in the Sky instructions:

Instructions in-game Use the mouse to play. Click the blocks, bombs, lasers and nukes to make them explode. Keep the combo meter up to stay alive.

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  1. isabella Says:

    play all the games

  2. Bymnaddedly Says:

    cool sitename man)))

  3. StyncsicScory Says:

    I wonder where they are.

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