DeRailed puzzle description:

A train-themed puzzle game. Rearrange the tracks to steer the trains to a high score - and don't get DeRailed!

DeRailed instructions:

CONTROLS: Click the left mouse button to rotate the highlighted tracks clockwise. Note: You cannot rotate the center square. Trains can wrap around the board along the tracks on the side. Steer the trains through the center square for a bonus! TransInterContinental railways (the blue car with the "T") will always go straight, unless forced to turn. Unionated Cargo (the orange car with the "U") will always turn unless forced to go straight. Neither car can run when there is no track remaining, however. The game ends when both trains have crashed. SCORING: Your score is affected by two things: The difficulty level and the number of trains in play. Easy is x1, Medium is x2, and Chugga Chugga Wooo Woooo! is x3. If both trains are still moving and haven't crashed, these values double. You get 1 (times the multiplier!) point for every tile of track you pass through, and 100 (times the multiplier!) points for passing through the center square. Beware: Passing through the center square, or wrapping around the edges of the field, speed up the train!

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