Tri Towers Solitaire

Tri Towers Solitaire puzzle description:

Tri Towers Solitaire is a fun and more skillful version of the classic tri peaks solitaire. A great game for those who enjoy solitaire.

Tri Towers Solitaire instructions:

Tri Towers Solitaire has similar rules to the solitaire game Tri Peaks. The object of the game is to clear three peaks made up of cards to win a round. You must place cards from the layout onto the card that is showing at the bottom. Only cards that are one lower or one higher can be placed here, note that the Ace is both high and low. If you cannot place any cards from the layout onto the showing card, click the next card button or the wild card to show a new card.

7 Responses to “Tri Towers Solitaire”

  1. lyn Says:

    still waiting after 20mins for game to load

  2. admin Says:

    Please, try to refresh the page. Game loaded fast and not about 20 min.

  3. aimee southern Says:

    this game is *** bad

  4. ashleigh oneill Says:

    im squeeeeeeeeeeeeky and awwwwww 😛 awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  5. TweetyMom48 Says:

    Addicting!! A fun and simply relaxing game.
    Unlike other comments above, it loaded quickly on my laptop. Thank you for the ‘undo’ button as quite often the next card gets flipped accidentally while the cursor moves from pyramid/tower to pyramid/tower.

  6. bev Says:

    when you finish and have time bonus left the time continues to go away and you dont get your bonus. not cool.

  7. vivian Says:

    For what is the wild card? Can someone explain me.

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