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Red Remover Player Pack 2 - Return of the Red Remover with 40 brand new fun filled player levels.
-Remove the red shapes.
-Keep the green shapes on the screen.
-There are 4 planes of gravity, look at the shapes faces to see which way they will fall.

Red Remover Player Pack 2

Tricky Fish - Help the fish collect all of the pearls.
Avoid saws.
Use bubbles to fly.

Tricky Fish

Find the Candy - The candy is hidden. Find it.
Click the yellow stars to collect it.

Find the Candy

Colorize - Solve puzzles to fill field with only one color. There can be only one.


Bazooka Boy: Level Pack - Level Pack of The Bazooka Boy.
Use the bazooka to destroy blocks.
Solve some puzzles to get all of the golden blocks!

Bazooka Boy: Level Pack

Rings - Drag rings around the board to make complete rings set.
Place smaller rings on larger rings.


LOCOM - Help a plumber to get out of the dark sewer. Witness the power of water.