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Random Puzzle Games

Meltdown - Explode as many atoms as you can.
Click on a cell contains atom, to fire a particle.
Particles makes atoms grow.
Destroy four atoms with single click to get an additional particle.


Shi Sen - Remove pairs of tiles from the field.
Pair can be removed only if it connected with three or fewer lines.

Shi Sen

Orbital - Collect spheres of the same color as yours and don't touch spheres with other colors.


Blobuloids -


Chudadi Beauties - Beat your opponents in these card game.

Chudadi Beauties

ConFusebox - Connect all the wires to light up all the lamps.


Smiley Memory - This game contains  4 modes. Easy with 4 pairs. Normal with 12 pairs. Hard with 18 pairs. And Very Hard with 24 pairs.
You have to memorize smileys and than select pairs of the same smiles.  Be patient - you time is limited.

Smiley Memory