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Random Puzzle Games

Meltdown - Explode as many atoms as you can.
Click on a cell contains atom, to fire a particle.
Particles makes atoms grow.
Destroy four atoms with single click to get an additional particle.


Babylon - Place the blocks to build a tower of a certain height.


Zombie Kitten Attack - Help Steve to survive.

Zombie Kitten Attack

Jelly Blocks - Connect all the pieces of the same color together.

Jelly Blocks

A Kitty Dream - Go on a fun adventure in a pixelated puzzle platformer! Explore the vast expanse of the dream world within dreams.

A Kitty Dream

Tricky Fish - Help the fish collect all of the pearls.
Avoid saws.
Use bubbles to fly.

Tricky Fish

Space Sokoban - Place all the planets on blue cells.

Space Sokoban