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Random Puzzle Games

Fields Of Logic - Use your logic skills to solve puzzles.

Fields Of Logic

The Mahjong - Complete all levels removing tiles.

The Mahjong

Happy Bubbles - Turn all red bubbles into blue bubbles.

Happy Bubbles

Alphabet Jungle - You will be given six letters from which you have to spell words. You must spell as many words as you can in the given time so you aren't boiled in the pot.

Alphabet Jungle

Enigmatica - Solve puzzles by matching tiles in a rows or columns.


Bling Bling Blaster - You have been invited to play the legendary Bling Bling Blaster puzzle! Match treasure pieces and create sets of three.

Bling Bling Blaster

Shi Sen - Remove pairs of tiles from the field.
Pair can be removed only if it connected with three or fewer lines.

Shi Sen