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Random Puzzle Games

Crystal Caverns - Make matches of three or more gems in a line by dragging rows or columns.

Crystal Caverns

Rainbow Block - Match two or more pieces in vertical line to remove them.

Rainbow Block

Straight Dice - Match three dices in a row in ascending order.

Straight Dice

Simple Picross - Fill the cells using your logic skills.

Simple Picross

Aqua Bubble - Put at least three same bubbles together to burst them and disappear.
Every bubble that you burst or disconnected increase scores that you get.
When the score bar at the left side is filled up, you will go to the next level.

Aqua Bubble

Meltdown - Explode as many atoms as you can.
Click on a cell contains atom, to fire a particle.
Particles makes atoms grow.
Destroy four atoms with single click to get an additional particle.


Blinkin - Turn all the lights off. Use your logic skills to complete the puzzle.