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Random Puzzle Games

BoxUp Puzzle - Puzzle game similar to traditional Sokoban.
All the boxes are hollow and open on one side. They can only be moved by pushing from the inside.
The aim is to push the small red box inside the blue box.
Black boxes may help or hinder your progress.

BoxUp Puzzle

Crystalloid - Stack pairs of gems to match three or more of same gems in a row.


Armor Picross 2 - Follow clues to open pixel pictures.
Numbers to the left of the grid relate to the tiles in that row and the numbers above relate to the tiles in that column. 
The numbers indicates how many filled-in squares there are in that row or column.

Armor Picross 2

Atomyx - Match three or more atoms of the same color to disappear them. Game ends when atoms reach the grid. Good luck in atoms destruction.


Voracity - Consume as many squares as you can.
Move red dot by numbers in adjacent cells.


Gravity Den - Navigate the tiny, blue creature through all frenzy levels to the exit. Change the gravity. Collect stars and get rewards.

Gravity Den