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Random Puzzle Games

Picross Madness - Japanese crosswords style game. Picture logic puzzles (picross).
620 levels
small, medium and big sizes of levels
mark tool

Picross Madness

Dino Basketball - Choose your team and play in Championship. Use your left mouse click to throw ball in basket.

Dino Basketball

Infectonator - Turn peoples into zombies and zombificate the world in 60 seconds.


King Rolla - Your castle is infested with sheep and you cannot sleep! In each level knock out all of the sheep, while avoiding all comfy objects. Use your flying and rolling skills to complete each level.

King Rolla

Starlight - Rotate stars to obtain a silhouette.


Jolly Jong Blitz - Match any gem anywhere to make patterns fall into place.

Jolly Jong Blitz

Jolly Jong 2 - Fun Mahjong matching game with 2 modes: classic and Arcade.

Jolly Jong 2