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Random Puzzle Games

Jolly Jong 2.5 - Jolly Mahjong Solitaire Game. Remove all tiles.

Jolly Jong 2.5

Bazooka Boy - Use your bazooka to destroy blocks. Solve puzzles to get all of that flashy gold!

Bazooka Boy

Find the Candy - The candy is hidden. Find it.
Click the yellow stars to collect it.

Find the Candy

NoNoSparks: The Ark - Flood is coming. The goal of the game is to create and board ark before the Flood is coming by solving a series of nonogram puzzles.

NoNoSparks: The Ark

Flood Fill - Fill each of the piece of the puzzle with one of the available colors. Don’t let pieces of the same color touch.

Flood Fill

Colorize - Solve puzzles to fill field with only one color. There can be only one.


Time Swap - Challenging puzzle platformer. You have to help a boy to save his father. Lead him through a mysterious plases. Much fun!

Time Swap