Linyca puzzle description:

Easy to play, relaxing puzzle with a musical twist.

Linyca instructions:

Click at the one of the same pieces in the row to remove them.

48 Responses to “Linyca”

  1. janice Says:

    very soothing game. I enjoyed it very much.

  2. Nikki McCombe Says:

    Totally addicitve, make sure you’re sitting comfortably!!

  3. janel Says:

    i loved it, after the first game before i pressed continue i pressed PLAY LEVEL MUSIC it was so relaxing you should try it some time you might like it…

  4. alessia bruni Says:

    hey i love this game i played it at the frist time and i came here great game!!!!! where is the 2nd game to this they should make one

  5. barbara Says:

    Great game, enjoy playing, I find it relaxing.

  6. linda Says:

    totally addictive…..i love it

  7. salii33 numba 3 Says:

    it is really good i love it ………xxxxxxxxx

  8. maria zilda Says:

    muito bom !

  9. maria zilda Says:


  10. emilia Says:

    great game! i enjoy playing!!!

  11. Leonie Says:

    How do i get to the next level

  12. ty Says:


  13. sedax Says:

    Hello there,very nice place

  14. lbs Says:

    very nice

  15. Margaret Says:

    How do you keep and see your score.
    Mine is never recorede

  16. admin Says:

    You have to press a ‘submit’ button when finish the game.

  17. Elva Says:

    Hi There!
    How is everyone/ Just dropin by to sat hello. new here.
    Blessing to all.

  18. admin Says:

    Hi Elva, 😉

  19. judy Says:

    how many levels are there

  20. admin Says:

    Unlimited number of levels. Like a Bejewelled, game ends when you have no moves.

  21. Danielle Says:

    I loved this game, I could play it for hours, the sounds were very relaxing and I almost fell asleep on several occasions, haha.

  22. Jan Says:

    I love this game, I am always disappointed when it comes to an end, there again I would get nothing done if I didn’t lose sometime lol

  23. bigmoney Says:

    <3 i love it!


  24. Ann Johnson Says:

    very soothing and relaxing game

  25. Venessa Says:

    I love it, I like the music, so relaxing.

  26. anabel Says:

    good los juegos

  27. christ81 Says:

    comment faire un full line combo au jeu linyca merci

  28. admin Says:

    You can get full line combo when the various pieces of a little bit. For example, in the first or second level. Also, every five levels the number of various pieces is dumped. So at level 6, 11, e.t.c. you can get it, because number of various pieces on these levels are only five.

  29. Olga Says:

    Estoy por llegar al reto nos vemos en la proxima

  30. Susan Bloom Blackburn Says:

    Why doesn’t my score go on to my Face book Page ?

  31. admin Says:

    Actually, I don’t know, because score supports by third party API. I’ll contact to them.
    BTW scores don’t stores if game is not complete.

  32. maria cristina kaiser Says:

    Creo poder llegar a mas!!!

  33. Onda Says:

    At first, score published on Facebook back in early summer, has not since then. Love this game, keeps me challenged to learn new ways of progressing levels. Thanks for developing it.

  34. Beki Says:

    Why are scores no longer kept on facebook? I saved my score tonight and cannot find it anywhere!

  35. admin Says:

    @Beki: Because this game is don’t support facebook’s scores. But I plan to make Linyca as facebook app soon. Just wait some time.

  36. glen Says:

    how do u store the score grrrrrr

  37. admin Says:

    Oh, no. I’m scared. Don’t grrrrrr me. 🙂 I promise, I promise to make new Linica after finishing 2 games what in development now.

  38. andrea Says:

    la verdad que está´buenisimo el juego no lo conosia pero me gusto felicidades

  39. MKF Says:

    How do you save and publish your scores?

  40. lisa Says:

    it is a good game to play it is easy

  41. JerseyGirl Says:

    whats the color combo and how do I get them

  42. admin Says:

    Match five times identical pieces. Sample: green, green, green, green, green.

  43. jerseygirl Says:

    thought that was what I been doing..Like 3 greens in a row 5x on same board is that right?

  44. admin Says:

    Right. You have to remove identical groups five times in succession.

  45. moongarden1971 Says:

    I never get past level 30. Can you explain to me why that happens both here and at Facebook?

  46. admin Says:

    Hmmm… Very hard?

  47. mamiebabou Says:

    super jeu
    mais je comprends pas l’anglais
    y a des bonus mais comment les prendre SVP
    on peut avoir la notice en français

  48. admin Says:

    Hello Mamiebabou, right now I finish the Dipigeme. Polishing gameplay, fixing bugs, etc. Then I’ll make yet one game and then Linyca-II where I plan to include several languages. And sure french. As you can see in Dipigeme it is possible using my latest game framework.

    And will be so great if anyone will test the Dipigeme and will write reply about.
    Bonjour Mamiebabou, maintenant je termine le Dipigeme. Polissage de gameplay, la correction des bugs, etc Alors, je vais encore faire un jeu, puis Linyca-II, où j’ai l’intention d’inclure plusieurs langues. Et bien sûr le français. Comme vous pouvez le voir dans Dipigeme il est possible en utilisant les dernières mon cadre gibier.

    Et sera si grande si l’on testera la Dipigeme et écrire la réponse au sujet de.

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